Water Meter Installations

Are you sharing a water meter?

Are you being unfairly charged for water?


At Hutchins Plumbing & Gas we install individual water meters (sub-meters) for complex’s containing either houses, town houses or units where the entire complex only has one main water meter.

Most Body Corporate estates built before 2008 was developed this way until 1 January 2008 when it was made compulsory for all new schemes to have individual water meters installed and each meter would be read and billed separately.

It has become more common in recent years for those estates with a shared water meter to have sub-meters installed so each dwelling can be billed for their exact water usage rather than an average of the entire estates water usage.

Are you sick of paying for water that you don’t use?

Did you know that it is possible to get an individual water meter installed so you will no longer be unfairly charged for water that you don’t use.

That’s right.

Most gated communities have one water meter for the entire estate which is read by council. The reading is then divided up by the number of dwellings within the estate and billed separately. Regardless of how much water you use or don’t use, you will be charged the same amount as the other households within the estate, no matter how many people live in the home or how much water is used.

This doesn’t seem fair does it?

You could be paying for someone else to be watering their grass every day or paying for them to top their pool up.


What if a house has a water leak that is going unnoticed? Thats right, you are paying for that too.

Have you thought about installing a sub-meter?

It is possible to have the Body Corporate approve the installation of sub-meters to each dwelling within an estate.

By having a sub-meter installed to each house, it will allow each dwelling to have their water meters read separately therefore ensuring you are only billed for the water you use.

Now that’s fair.

If you want to know whether it’s possible to have an individual water meter installed, give us a call.


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