Pre-Purchased Plumbing Inspections

Are you looking to buy a house on the Gold Coast, Logan or Brisbane areas?
If so, We highly recommend getting a pre-purchase plumbing inspection done.



When you are in the process of purchasing a home, you are generally advised to get a building and pest inspection done.

But what you may not know is...

Plumbing is not fully covered in a building and pest inspection, as the building inspection is taken out by a builder, not a plumber, and with the majority of plumbing being underground and out of site it gets over looked.

Avoid any nasty surprises.

Have a complete pre-purchase plumbing inspection done by a knowledgeable, fully qualified, licensed and insured plumber and gasfitter at HUTCHINS PLUMBING & GAS

We will do a detailed plumbing and gas inspection, note down any potential plumbing or gas concerns along with a quote of what it would take to rectify them.
This could then be used to negotiate with your real estate agent.

At HUTCHINS PLUMBING & GAS you will not only get the plumbing inspected, you will also have the gas system inspected too.

Our Complete pre-purchase plumbing inspection includes:

Qualified inspection and written report of the plumbing and gas defects along with a quote
Taps are inspected for leaks and that they turn on and off easily
Toilets are inspected for leaks, correct flushing and no back ups
Basins are inspected for leaks and proper draining
Hot water service valves are inspected for leaks and correct temperature
Water pressure test to check that the water is at the recommended pressure to all fixtures
Main drain sewer line is inspected by camera survey (access permitting) to check pipes for breaks and potential blockages
Storm water drain is inspected by camera survey to check pipes for breaks, potential blockages and correct fall
Roofing inspected for broken roof tiles that may cause leaks
Guttering and downpipes are inspected for rust and litter in gutters that may cause overflow of water back in under the eaves
Gas systems is inspected for compliance


Have peace of mind. 

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