Tap Repairs & Installation

Do you have new taps you would like installed?
Is your tap leaking or wont turn off properly?


Wanting new taps installed?

Do you have mixer taps, ceramic disk taps or jumper valve taps that you need installed?

No worries at all, have our qualified plumber come and install your new taps for you.

We install any type of tapware you have correctly the first time.

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to have your taps installed today.

Need a tap repaired?

It is annoying listening to a leaking tap drip.. drip.. drip.. Not to mention what a waste of water it is.

A leaking tap will never fix itself, it will only get worse and you don’t want to end up with an excess water bill or a plumbing emergency if the leak is ignored.

You may think “I know how to fix a leaking tap... I just need to replace the washer... Why would I call a plumber just to do that?” 

Why a Plumber needs to fix a leaking tap.

There is more to fixing a leaking tap than you may think. In most cases, it is more than just the washer causing the tap to leak. Sure, you could replace the washer yourself, but if a leaking tap is not fixed correctly it is likely to start leaking again.

Anything more than replacing a washer yourself may void your insurance coverage.

Yes that’s right. There are several steps that need to be conducted to fix a leaking tap correctly.

At HUTCHINS PLUMBING & GAS we will never just replace a washer. We will always do a complete tap service, which includes:

- Dismantling the tap
- Replacing all washers, “O” rings and fibre washers (yes, there is more than just a Washer..)
- Clean and lubricate the bonnet to make sure it is easy to turn on and off
- Check the tap and reseat, so the washer is sitting on a smooth surface.
- Reassemble and reinstall the tap correctly

Mixers taps work a little differently and have cartridges instead of washers which may require the cartridges be replaced.

We also guarantee complete tap services for 2 years.

Completing all of the steps required should be taken out by a

fully qualified licensed and insured plumber.

You could possibly void your insurance cover if you try to do-it-yourself,

which will cost you a lot more in the long run.

Remember, no plumber should only ever replace the washer to fix a leaking tap.

Have your leaking taps fixed correctly the first time with


We guarantee no leaking taps for 2 years.



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to get your leaking taps fixed correctly by a

fully qualified, licensed and insured