Burst / Cracked Pipes

Do you have a burst or cracked pipe?

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Do you have a cracked or burst pipe in the bathroom, kitchen or in the wall? 


Have you heard of people going to work, or going away on a holiday and coming home to a flooded house?

If you notice anything unusual around your home such as damp or mouldy walls, puddles of water under your sink, water dripping from the ceiling this could be a sign that you have a leaking pipe.

Don’t put it off. If left, this crack could soon turn into a burst pipe.

Common causes of burst or cracked pipes:

- High water pressure
- Old pipe work
- Incorrect installation
- Ground movement
- Frozen pipes in winter (although this is unlikely to happen in South-East Queensland)

High water pressure is a common cause of water leaks. Despite your water service being tested to a high pressure upon initial installation, It is not recommended to stay at a high pressure. Pipe, fitting and valve manufacturers recommend the incoming pressure be 500kpa.

Pressure varies from house to house, however people who have constant high water pressure tend to have water leaks, this problem can be severely reduced by installation of a pressure reduction valve to your incoming water supply.

Old pipe work is another reason for a burst or cracked pipe. Over time, the pipes start to wear out. They will begin to corrode, rust out and become weak
causing the pipes to burst or crack.

If you have old pipe work in your home, it is advised to get them checked regularly and keep them maintained or replaced to try and avoid any possible future issues.

Incorrect installation of pipes can cause them to burst of crack. Unfortunately, some plumbers may cut corners installing pipes to get it done quick and cheap, meaning pipes could not be getting aligned or joined properly.

Another common issue, although it is not a pipe, is the incorrect installation of a flexi hose under your kitchen sink, bathroom basin, in your laundry or on your toilets. These could be twisted, stretched or kinked and if not installed correctly these can burst causing flooding or damage to your home.

Ground movement can cause pipes to burst or crack, With the heat in summer or excessive rain there is natural movement in the ground. With the pipes being rigid, these can then crack or burst from the movement.

Frozen pipes in winter also causes pipes to burst this is due to water freezing and expanding in the pipework causing them to burst or crack.


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