Blocked Drains

Do you have a blocked drain?
Is water backing up in your sink, shower or toilet?
Do your drains smell?
Do you have water overflowing from your outside drains?


These are common signs that you
have a blocked drain.

In some cases, the blockage may be something innocent such as too much toilet paper, solidified kitchen fats, kids toys etc. however, it is common for the blockage to be caused by tree roots. If left, the blockage will only give the roots a chance to grow.

Whatever the cause of your blocked drain, HUTCHINS PLUMBING & GAS is highly trained and qualified to unblock drains so it stops causing you grief.

How do tree roots get in the pipes?

Pipes underground are ridged and, over time, the ground moves which causes the pipes to crack. Once a crack in the drain occurs, roots enter the drain for nutrients. It only takes one tiny root to enter the drain and, once inside, it grows rapidly, fully blocking the drain.

How do we unblock the pipes?

A two-step process is followed to rectify this problem:

1.   The roots need to be cleared to get the drain running so you can use your showers, toilets and sinks. We use a High Pressure Water Jetter to Clear the Blockage. Once clear, we do a camera survey and locate the blockage.

2.   Then, excavate the drain and cut out the damaged section of pipe and replace it. The drain is then backfilled. If the damaged section of the pipe is not replaced, the drain will continue to cause problems.

No amount of plunging will ever clear your drains properly if tree roots are the cause.

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