Water Leaks

Have you sprung a water leak? or require leak detection on the Gold Coast, Logan or Brisbane areas?


We all know there is nothing more frustrating than getting an unexpected excess water bill.

This can occur for a number of reasons, but one of the main reasons can be a leak in your main water supply pipe underground.

At HUTCHINS PLUMBING & GAS we can have the leak located and one of our highly trained and qualified Plumbers repair the leak for you.

To avoid any unnecessary digging up of gardens or concrete cutting, we will have the leak detected by qualified leak detectors.

This will allow the leak to be located and targeted correctly, making repairing the leak more cost efficient as we can concentrate on the repair of the affected pipes or affected area.

Some plumbers might dig or cut away without really knowing where the leak is coming from, which ends up leaving you with a significant repair expense to re-fix the affected areas.

We don’t want this to happen to you.

Early leak detection and repair is important. 

Our Plumbers have the knowledge and experience to accurately repair leaks.

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to have your water leak problem solved. 

HUTCHINS PLUMBING & GAS will provide you with options that best suit your water leak situations, including:

Water main diversions - where the leaking pipe is essentially bypassed. Diversions can save concrete cutting through your driveway or landscaped garden

Complete water main re-run - If you have had various different water leaks occur, this is usually caused by incorrect installation of pipes or old and damaged pipework.

A complete water main re-run could be a possible option.                                                 This would fix any ongoing issues that might pop up.  
This may sound like an extreme step to take, however if you have constant issues with your water service this may be the most sensible step to take.

Another common water leak that occurs is on flexi hose connections which are generally on mixer taps. Most of the time, these are simply due to improper installation.
HUTCHINS PLUMBING & GAS can re-install a new hose correctly to fix the leaking problem.


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will fix your water leak issues for you.